Terms & Conditions



Thank you for trusting Hills Veterinary Surgery with the care of your pet. This document details our Practice Terms and Conditions. Please ask a member of staff should you need clarification of any aspect of these terms.



All telephone calls to and from the surgery are recorded and used for training/monitoring purposes. By using this communication method, you are consenting to the recordings.



Hills Veterinary Surgery is accredited with the RCVS PRACTICE STANDARDS SCHEME and will endeavor to provide the standard of care within the guidelines for the profession.



When we are closed please refer to Veteris Home Visit Vet  020 4586 1496 or Vet 24, 11 Belsize Terrace, Hampstead NW3 4AX   020 7794 4948.



All veterinary consultations, face to face or on the telephone, are with a qualified veterinary surgeon and will incur a consultation fee.



Written consent is required on admission for any hospital procedures. It is important you provide updated telephone numbers as we may need to call you regarding your pets procedure.



We will ask clients to confirm via signature on a GDPR form that all details we hold for them on our practice management system are correct. This form also contains consent to receiving text/emails from Hills and sharing information. From time to time, we may have to share information with another veterinary professionals/ referral centre or insurance company. Consent will be asked for before proceeding to share any information whether a GDPR form has been obtained or not.

It is important that clients keep the surgery updated with new telephone numbers, new address and new email addresses.



All our staff have the right to carry out their duties without fear of receiving abuse from any client. Our staff aims to be polite and helpful. We remind our clients that at times, our staff are confronted with difficult tasks and situations. Our staff do understand that clients with sick pets can often act differently, and we do take this into consideration when trying to deal with a misunderstanding or complaint.

However, Hills has zero tolerance for any client that is abusive to staff members and /or clients.



Written estimates are provided upon request and form part of the consent form. It is important to remember that these are approximate costs only and may increase. Hills will always do their utmost to inform clients of any increase that may incur during their pets stay with us compared to the estimate.



Although charges are made to clients the ownership of x-rays, ultrasounds and records will remain with the surgery. Upon request from the client these will be passed onto other veterinary surgeries as and when needed.



Clients with insurance are required to settle all monies due with the surgery and claim directly with insurance company for reimbursement. Excess fees and any items not covered by insurance must be paid for at the time. In exceptional circumstances where payment will not be made on the day a pre authorisation must be obtained from insurance company for any procedure due to take place. If pre authorisation has not been obtained Hills will look to the client to settle the account in full on the day. An administration fee will apply for all claims processed by the surgery.



Clients should inform the surgery when they wish to claim against their insurance company and where necessary leave a claim form. It is the responsibility of the client to fill out their own section of the said form which includes the policy number. Hills will pass on any information that is required for that claim. A fee is charged by Hills for each new claim that is sent to insurance on clients behalf.



Clients can settle their account by cash, cheque, debit or credit cards. Please be aware we can only accept English sterling notes when payment is made by cash.



We ask clients to discuss this matter with a staff member as soon as possible BEFORE treatment or procedure. Installments or part payments of accounts may only be sanctioned with the express permission of senior staff members and must be agreed to BEFORE the said treatment. Vaccinations, flea treatment, forthcoming medication/procedures and food are not permitted on the said part payment/installment terms. Any default on the payment term previously arranged will result in the unpaid account being passed to a debt collection agency. Further charges will be added to the unpaid amount to cover this service. Emergency treatment will always be given.



Unless agreed to in advance payments due for fees, services, treatment, and goods are to be paid in full on the day before clients leave the surgery. If pets are admitted to the surgery, then payment is due upon collection of pets.

If payment is not made on the day or agreed installments not made, then an invoice will be sent for full payment to be made. After due notice, any unpaid account will be passed to a debt collection agency. Further charges will be added to the unpaid amount to cover this service. Emergency treatment will always be given.



A charging a £ 100* deposit for animal health certificate appointments. When you attend the original appointment, this amount will be deducted from you overall bill.

however, should you fail to attend without giving notice, fail to give at least 3 days notice by telephone or email, give the incorrect information needed to complete the AHC or the wrong person attends the appointment for signing the declaration then this deposit will NOT BE REFUNDED. a further deposit will be required should you make another AHC appointment and the same rules will apply.



A new client non refundable registration fee will be required in advance when making their 1st appointment.  This fee is £48 *. This will be deducted from the overall cost of your original appointment. However, this fee will not be off set against fees if you cannot attend the surgery and fail to give at least 2 hours’ notice (via telephone or email) stating you cannot attend.



The surgery requires clients to give at least 2 hours’ notice if they cannot attend their agreed appointment time. Failure to cancel within this time frame or failure to cancel will result in a non-cancelation fee being charged to the account. This notice can be via telephone or email to admin@hillsvets.co.uk .  Please see above for notice period for non-cancellation for AHCs as it is different to our standard notice period.



Prescription Only Medication Category V (POM-V) is available from the veterinary surgeon. These are only available for animals in our care. Written prescriptions are also available; the cost is displayed in our reception area. With all requests for medication there are rules and regulations that must be followed.  Pets may need to be re-assed. You may be asked to attend the surgery with your pet before medication can be left over or a written prescription is produced. This may be every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. You will be advised on request of medication/written prescription. Some medications incur a dispensing fee which is incorporated in the cost.  Flea treatment can be dispensed if a veterinary surgeon has seen the pet within the past 12 months.  For repeat medication and written prescriptions, we ask for at least 48 hrs notice before collection.

Veterinary Licensed Medication will always be offered but at times veterinary products for use in other species or human medication (off license) will be dispensed. Your veterinary surgeon will explain why these are being used.



New protocol for written prescriptions will apply from 1st August 2023. Hills will email the written prescription direct to the online company. We ask clients to order mediation from their online company as usual, and then provide Hills with the order reference number for their transaction which we will include in the email.  Clients will no longer be able to collect the written prescription from the surgery or receive this to their personal email addresses.



The surgery will dispose of unused medication that we have supplied. Refunds cannot be given once the medication has left the premises.



We at Hills strive to offer a good service to our clients but if there is any issue you wish to raise, please direct any complaint or comment in writing to the Practice Manager, practicemanager@hillsvets.co.uk  Acknowledgement of your letter will initial be made while further investigations are carried out. We hope a final reply be made within 14 days, but this may be longer depending on the staff involved.


Reviewed & Revised 17/01/2024 A Bowers

*Deposit payments correct at time of reviewing.